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Store Locator

PERFECT MATCHES is back in stock !!! Find it on Amazon or at one of the Judacia stores below (This list is still in formation & growing).  

If you are a retail store and would like to carry PERFECT MATCHES please contact our distributor   


If you would like to organize a PERFECT MATCHES Marathon in your area (singles event) please CONTACT US immediately and we'll help you!


JUDAICA PLUS                     (Cedarhurst, NY)

Z BERMAN BOOKS             (Cedarhurst, NY)

FIVE TOWNS JUDAICA        (Lawrence, NY)

EICHLER'S                             (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

JUDAICA PLACE                    (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

MEKOR HASEFORIM           (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

TORAH TREASURES            (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

Z BERMAN                            (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

HEICHAL WEINREB              (Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY)

EICHLER'S                             (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)

JUDAICA CORNER                (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)

SCHARF'S JUDAICA              (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)

TOYS 4 U                               (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)

JUDAICA WORLD                  (Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY)

HAMAFITZ JUDAICA             (Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY)

SAFRA                                    (Queens, NY)

GIFT WORLD                         (Queens, NY)

TOYS 4 U                               (Monsey, NY) 

TUVIA'S                                 (Monsey, NY)

TORAH TREASURES              (Monsey, NY)

JUDAICA PLAZA                   (Lakewood, NJ)

LAKEWOOD JUDAICA         (Lakewood, NJ)

TOYS 4 U                              (Lakewood, NJ)

Z BERMAN                            (Lakewood, NJ)

THE JUDAICA HOUSE         (Teaneck, NJ)

WEINREB'S JUDAICA          (Teaneck, NJ)

Z BERMAN                           (Passaic, NJ)

SHABSI'S                               (Baltimore, Maryland)

MIRIAM'S                              (Toronto, ON, Canada)

ALEF BET JUDAICA               (Toronto, ON, Canada)

RODAL'S JUDAICA               (Montreal, Canada)

AISENTHAL'S                        (London, UK) 

BREUER & SPITZER              (London, UK)

CHAIM'S BOOKS                  (London, UK)

MANNY'S                              (Jerusalem, Israel) 

SHANKY'S                             (Jerusalem, Israel)

GITTLER                                 (Bnei Brak, Israel) 

CENTER ONE JUDAICA         (Woodridge, NY)

FRANK'S JUDAICA                (Cleveland, Ohio)

GRAND JUDAICA                  (Cleveland, Ohio)

KESHER STAM                       (Chicago, Illinois)

ROSENBLUM'S                      (Chicago, Illinois)

BORENSTEIN'S                      (Oak Park, Michigan)


CHABAD/ATARA'S                (Los Angeles, California)

ASPACLARIA                          (Aventura, Florida)

TORAH TREASURES              (Miami Beach, Florida)

HOLYLAND                            (Hollywood, Florida)

JEWISH USED BOOKS           (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

KOLLEL BOOKSHOP             (Johannesburg, South Africa)