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Read all about the business ventures of Joy Glicker Lieber, creator of PERFECT MATCHES in Mishpacha's Family First Magazine 1/20/16 at   

Winner of the 2016 ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR award from the Jewish WomAn Entrepreneur Five Towns/Far Rockaway chapter. 1/13/16                to Joy Glicker Lieber. Read about it in The Jewish Star Front page

  file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Joy/My%20Documents/Downloads/Star%2001_22_2016%201%20(1).pdf      (and continued on)   file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Joy/My%20Documents/Downloads/Star%2001_22_2016%2014%20(1).pdf


LISTEN TO JOY BEING INTERVIEWED on The Nachum Segal Network 6/25/15 - THE STUNT SHOW with Leora Zomick 

LISTEN TO JOY BEING INTERVIEWED on Chazaq Radio on 6/8/15 -THE WEEKLY FORUM with Bracha Melzer

READ The Jewish Home 3/12/15 page 75 - "Carlos & Gabby's Hosts the Perfect Matches Marathon"

READ The 5 Towns Jewish Times article 12/12/14 pg 66-67 "PERFECT MATCHES: You Can Only Win By Playing The Game!" by Rochelle Maruch Miller

EVENT: Shalom Workshop 8/16/2015 for couples married seven years or less - play PERFECT MATCHES during program.

READ Dr. Deb's advice column "DUE DILIGENCE" in the Five Towns Jewish Home 12/31/15 pg. 110 where she plugs PERFECT MATCHES !

SEE Mishpacha/Family First May 15, 2019 page 38 PERFECT MATCHES The must-have game for every serious dater … !!!”

READ the interview at www.JUDAICAINTHESPOTLIGHT.COM/home/meet-the-artist-joy-glicker-lieber-of-steponit-chuppah-glass-art for all of Joy’s new ventures. May, 2019